Thursday, October 11, 2007

Case Closed

Well, the man who's been trying to reach me since Friday finally caught up to me last night.

He was simply the detective that I was told would visit. He just wanted to make sure I got the letter from the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety. The reason he hasn't been identifying himself was because he didn't know how much Lisa knew about my situation and didn't want to tell her he was police lest he embarrass me. I'm not so sure it's a wise policy not to identify yourself when you come to someone's door, but I understand why he did it.

At least now it's over. Now I know he wasn't some wingnut trying to hurt Lisa or myself. Finally, I can relax.

My greatest relief, however, is that he was not here to serve me papers; I don't have to file any complaints. Riin took down the libelous comment about me. She respected my feelings; I will respect hers. Finally, I can put this situation to rest. I still hope Riin will decide to contact me to bury the hatchet some day but, until, or if, that day comes, I will respect her feelings and not contact her as long as she continues to respect mine and not vilify me in public.

Now all I have to do is figure out what to do about the troll who posted a comment here a few days ago claiming to be Riin and daring me to call her. Whoever you are, be advised that being flawed (as we all are) does not make me stupid. Even when we were together, Riin only ever commented on this blog once in all the time it's been here. She doesn't comment here; she never has. If you were really Riin, you would E-mail me or call me, not comment here.

Since I knew the comment could not be from Riin, I brought it up with the police officers while they were here. They told me that, if I filed a complaint, it would be investigated. They have computer experts that handle this kind of thing. So, I kept a record of the comment but did not publish it (that's why there's a "deleted comment" listed in the comments on the previous post). The police can get the IP address from Blogger if I choose to pursue it.

Up to now, I was willing to let the childishness in the comments here slide, but writing here, pretending to be Riin? That crosses the line. If you'd been successful and had tricked me into calling her, that could've hurt her. The fact that you failed in your attempt is irrelevant; I cannot discount the intent to cause her harm. Whatever else has happened, I still love her and I will not tolerate anyone deliberately setting out to cause her harm.

Be advised a complaint will be filed, and the IP traced, if I ever see another comment from "Riin" in this blog.

Now that that's been said, I wish Riin all the love and luck in the world; my door will always be open to her.

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