Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm changing the date on this posting (it was originally posted March 11 at 9:03 PM) to bring it back to the front; I've made some changes to it.

My troll is back.

Yes, I know "losers" is misspelled in the title; that was intentional. I figured, if the troll reads this, she probably won't recognize the word properly spelled; she obviously doesn't know how to spell it... :P

You want to see a real loser? Check this out:
Stop trying to defend your actions and move on. This story is like Sleepless in Seattle and nobody really wants to see her back with you. Move on moron

You are so full of it, you done this on purpose and you know you did. She will ingore [sic] it like she has been ignoring you for many months.
I wish you could of seen the fire we had with all the junk you have given her,and [sic] i [sic] really mean junk.
we had a ball doing it.

I told you before sissy boy Riin hasn't read your blog in a long time, so all your posts have been a waste of time.
I'm wondering why you haven't been posting any of my comments? It must really hurt to read them-----
toooooooooooooooo [sic] bad.Get [sic] bent and find someone elses [sic] life to screw up. I bet you won't post this one either??????? [sic] Hope you and Lisa have a good laugh over this one.I [sic] know my brother and I are having a blast reading yours.

I see you still have no balls to print my comments? Whats the matter sissy boy the truth hurts?

Gee i [sic] was hoping you were going to say the motorist beat the piss out of you. If a jack ass like you got that close to my car you wouldn't live to tell the story.

I would like to send you a whole can of planters [sic] and make you eat every one [This is apparently her idea of being witty once she found out I'm allergic to peanuts].
You have got to be the most stupid person on earth.
Dare you to post this one you ignorant troll.

Dam [sic] your [sic] ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [sic] Just freakly [sic] ugly. Put a paper bag over your head so i [sic] or any one else has to look at you. freak [sic]

You are really some piece of work. a [sic] grown man and can't take rejection. You really need help and lots of it. I dare you to print this you stinking canadian [sic] garbage.Come [sic] down to the good old U.S. and get what you deserve you chicken shit trash. Bring that trashy family along with you.

Oh my god [sic], i [sic] thought you might of went out into the woods and shot your self [sic], but noooooooooooooooo [sic] you are back ass hole [sic] with you boring blog borrrrrrrrrrrrring [sic].

John, I dare you to call me.
Riin [Did she really think I was going to fall for this...? :P]

You poor girly [sic] man, you finally found a way of getting rid of both Lisa and Riin, have [sic] you ever thought about getting a man to live with you? Maybe you would have better luck.

How does it feel to be all alone? You lost two good women with your temper. Looser [sic]

Hey loser, i [sic] bet you are feeling really lonesome by now that you have nobody supporting you? Still going to the movies every day and eating out? Bet not.

Bla,bla,bla [sic] boring!

[Under the name "Corey Summerton"] Hey John! why [sic] dont [sic] you get a life and leave this poor girl alone. [sic] Obviously she wants nothing to do with you, so go cuddle into your little crippled bitch of a retard and forget about her. You're fucking sick man. You wanna [sic] harass people??? [sic] how [sic] bout [sic] i [sic] wait outside 62 Charlotte St and see if you want to harass me some cocksucker?
I also left a msg [sic] on her account under an alias, [sic] go read it.

Hey John! It's Riin!Seems like all the years of stalking & harassment has paid off as i am now willing to take your OCPD ass back! I just hope Lisa doesn't run after us!
- Riin
These are all the comments I've rejected from the troll over the past year. This isn't even all of them. I didn't start saving them until the end of March; there were probably at least a half dozen prior to these. I originally started saving them because I thought I might end up having to trace her IP address. After a while, when I realized she was just a glob fly, I decided to keep saving them, anyway, for my own and my friends' amusement.

My favorites are the ones in bold. There's nothing I find funnier than someone trying to outsmart me who isn't even close to being as smart as me, much less smarter. It's a riot to watch all the desperate, simpleminded lengths they go to try to trick me. The second one is particularly funny. Riin holds a University degree in linguistics. Would she make such obvious grammatical and spelling mistakes? Not bloody likely... :P

She also seems to think I'd be afraid because of the reference to "62 Charlotte Street," where I live, despite the fact that this information is readily available for just about anyone, thanks to Google Maps. If she wants to come see me, or if she wants to send a male "champion" in her place to deal with me, feel free; it's Apartment 11. ;)

Speaking of that last comment by "Corey Summerton," this is obviously not someone speaking on Riin's behalf; no way Riin would associate with anyone who would call a person in a wheelchair a "retard" and a "crippled bitch." With each post, I can see more and more clearly why Riin abandoned this side of her family; I probably would, too.

She says I'm a loser, yet her life is so empty that she's still here a year later trying to get under my skin.

I need to get a life...?

Monday, September 01, 2008

This Is Just Wrong

OK. Everyone who reads this blog knows my last two postings about Riin were not particularly complimentary. I have my issues with the woman; I do believe that she has a lot to learn about life, the universe and everything, particularly in the areas of how to recognize love and getting along with people whose ideas differ from hers. However, I have never, nor would I ever, wish ill will on her; I still love her, even after everything, and want to see her happy.

Well, right now, she's bloody miserable; take a look at her most recent blog posting.

OK. That is just wrong.

I'll admit I'm not a big fan of antidepressants; I think society is relying way too much on pills these days instead of helping people find ways of dealing with their own emotions. Still, once you're on antidepressants, you can't just stop taking them out of the clear blue; that can be dangerous.

Riin has apparently been without her antidepressants for several days now thanks to the cluster fuck going on with her prescription at Walgreens. It's to the point now where Riin is in a place I haven't seen her in a long time; it's a place I never wanted to see her again:
[M]y brain chemistry is totally fucked. This week has been really hard. Lots of irrational thoughts, lots of waking up at 5am and crying for 2 hours, dizzy spells, thoughts I just really don't want to have.
It would seem that the personnel at Walgreens Pharmacy in Ann Arbor have their head shoved further up their ass than even my troll.

Do these people have any idea how dangerous it can be to screw with someone's prescription like this? "Oh, it's just an antidepressant; she won't die without it." Bullshit! "[T]houghts I just really don't want to have." She could be thinking about hurting herself here!

I used to be able to talk her down out of these kinds of moods; she called it "getting me off the ceiling." I wish I could talk to her now, talk her down like I used to but, under the circumstances, it would only make things worse. Her paranoia was very likely a large part of the reason she stopped trusting me and, right now, her paranoia is amped way up; my arrival in the picture would only amp up her bad feelings even further.

I am terrified she's going to get hurt, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. :(