Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, now I know what Facebook is... problem is, I got a bit carried away exporting my contacts from Apple Mail. I haven't updated my contacts in a long time and I just discovered Riin is still in one of the list of contacts I was exporting... I don't know for sure, but I think I may have inadvertently sent an invitation to her (it went out with a batch of 12 invites I think)... :(

Oh well. If I did, she'll probably just ignore it, anyway.

I think I'd better clean out this Address Book...

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  1. Dear Brother in Bicycling,
    I concure with the other brother about haveing too many cooks spoiling the broth about advice. But you and yours can rest assured that you are always in my prayers and I thank God Almighty, no offence to your Higher Power...., for you and your kind.
    We in Florida really envie you guys with all those bicycle organizations.
    In Bicyclers, and never blood or fast vehicles transferreing from us,
    John T. Schiffer Jr


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