Monday, December 22, 2008

The Unicorn and the Elf

A Poem by John A. Ardelli

While wandering through the forest one day, the Unicorn came upon an Elf
Sitting below a weeping willow, sitting all alone by himself.
He looked so sad, the Unicorn felt she had to know what was wrong.
"Why do you cry?" she said with concern. "Have you been sitting here long?"

With a sigh, he nods, not raising his head. "I've been here 24 days.
"But the trees are so dense and I got lost; it's like trying to go through a maze.
"I tried to find my way back out of this place, but I just end up back at this tree,
"So all I can do is just sit and wait here and hope my friends will find me."

"I know this forest most intimately well," the Unicorn tenderly said.
"Climb unto my back; I'll take you somewhere where you can sleep and be fed."
The Unicorn knelt low to the ground and invited the Elf up to ride.
"Once you're strong again, I'll take you where you want; just let me be your guide."

Grateful, the Elf climbed onto her back and she carried him into the night.
By dawn, they came to a great, sunny clearing and he could barely believe the sight
For before him stood a great Unicorn herd. "Meet my family," the Unicorn said.
"The grass here is soft and the fruit here is sweet; here you can rest and be fed."

Three days he stayed with the Unicorn herd; they welcomed him into their home,
But he began to miss his trek through the forest; he felt a strong urge to roam.
"I'll go with you," said his Unicorn mate. "I'll guide and watch over you.
"All I ask is, wherever my travels take us, you'll take good care of me, too."

Happy that he is no longer alone, the Elf agrees with a smile.
He climbs back up on the Unicorn's back and they travel the woods for a while.
At first, their journey was a happy one with frequent returns to the herd.
At first, it is not at all hard for the Elf to keep his faith and his word.

But then the skies cloud; the storms start to come. Wind pulls the Elf off her back.
They try to protect each other against the storm's relentless attack.
Nine days of storms and their spirits finally break; there is a terrible fight.
Wounded, the Elf and the Unicorn turn and walk away from each other in the night.

At first, the Elf thinks to himself, "Good riddance; she was just in my way."
But as time went on, he felt more and more sad and realized he wanted her to stay.
He went in search of his Unicorn and found the Unicorn herd
But, he having hurt one of their own, they turn their backs and say not a word.

Sadly, he turns and goes back into the woods and goes back to sit by his tree.
But now he's twice as sad as he was; now he knows what it's like to be free.
He waits there now in the hope that she will someday return to him again.
Sometimes he gets up and goes through the woods, searching for her now and then.

The Elf's sad spirit is heavy to bear. His soul is falling apart
For the Unicorn and her family she loves have left their horn prints on his heart.

For Lisa Brewer
December 22, 2008

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