Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Beard Trim

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Also, although we have no news on Madeline herself, while this episode was in post-production MLA Gordie Gosse provided us with the following information on a new program for seniors that might be of benefit to her:
On March 15, the province announced $1.4 million for a Supportive Care Program that will give eligible seniors with cognitive impairment $500.00 a month for home support services.

Seniors could also be eligible to be reimbursed for up to $495.00 per year for snow removal.

Health and Wellness Minister Maureen MacDonald says the program will give low-income seniors and their caregivers greater control to organize homecare.

Seniors need to meet a number of eligibility requirements.

The program begins April 1 and will help 230 seniors annually.
As Madeline has gotten an eviction notice it remains to be seen whether this particular program will benefit her. I suppose it depends on why she was evicted (which we still don't know at this point). I suspect they simply felt she wasn't able to support herself on her own; if I'm right then this program is exactly the kind of thing we need.

The problem is we still haven't been able to reach her. Her phone is still connected; there's simply no answer. Marie tells me this is not unprecedented, though. She tells me she once disappeared for over two months only to return; she'd been in the hospital and, like this time, no one but family was being let in on what was going on.

That having been said, once again if anyone out there knows Madeline Bishop or her family and can give us a heads up on what's going on please please email me. Thanks.

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