Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Troll Victims

Well, it seems that onecoolchick67/billrankin316/Jessica Drinkwater is taking advantage of the anonymity of her account to attack others on YouTube besides me:
onecoolchick67 commented on Skiles Gets Sick (2 days ago)
"Nice giant nose and small mouth by the way. It sounds to me like puberty is beating the shit out of you. This is nothing more then a desperate attempt to get views on youtube, which is a complete fail by the way. Nasa should start landing shuttles on the craters in your face. Great Job! Mahalo!" less

onecoolchick67 commented on Foot Massage (5 days ago)
"damn that chick has ugly feet"

onecoolchick67 commented on Head Massage in India 2010 ... (5 days ago)
"that stupid bitch is completely annoying. i wish she would have kept her mouth shut for this video, her speech sounds like shes hacking up phelgm on every word and that laugh is horrifying" less

onecoolchick67 commented on The Cosmic Barber: Baba's I... (1 week ago)
"I like the guy hawking the loogies at 4:02 and 4:19."

Needlessly nasty at best; unconscionably uncharitable at worst.

In response, I created the following video:

(If you're reading this in Facebook notes, click here to see it.)

I've emailed that to every person above she's harassed so far and will email it to every person I catch her harassing on YouTube (or anywhere else) from this point on. I like to use The Pedaling Prince's Podium to help people when I can and this is a great opportunity to help others defend themselves against her pedomorphic pugnacity.

Stay tuned; I'll keep you all updated as this story breaks. :)


  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Hey - I am really glad to discove this. Good job!

  2. SkilesASMB6:15 PM

    Thanks for fighting the good fight against this lame troll. Also, thanks for the video link. The more viewers the better. :)


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