Monday, March 03, 2008

No One Can Restore Our Mind If We Keep Ditching It With Our Thoughts and Conduct

An Article by Ramesh Gupta

Drugs, psychiatrists, psychotherapy and antidepressants cannot restore a personality if we keep ditching because of our faulty thoughts and actions.

In our lives we spread our self-esteem by lowering our character and make the vultures of our culture take advantage of our falling nature and leave us bankrupt of our positive energy, which maintains our mental health.

When we react with anger by judging others, we lower our own self-esteem because we usually anger only when we are not in command of our surroundings.

We should learn to express our opinion rather than a judgmental angry statement.

This coupled with a good thoughts and conduct spares us from emotional illnesses. Good thoughts and conduct makes us very strong from our own devaluation and devaluation of others, which causes us our emotional pains.

Staying open and fluid rather than judgmental maintains our self-esteem and our emotional well-being.

This prevents anger and other anger producing thoughts that cause our depressions, which steer us in to the ditches of our journey of life.

To day we know that there is only one emotional illness that needs a mood stabilizer for life and that is a bipolar illness. It may also change in time.

Staying open and fluid is the thought of the day that has been come to us from many people and we are forwarding to you with our comments of self-esteem.

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