Thursday, March 06, 2008

Unresolved Anger

An Article by Ramesh Gupta

It is a good exercise to try to not react with anger to the reaction of others. It is good to know that our anger is produced in our mind as a reaction to the immature responses of others who unknowingly, keep insulting and disrespecting us because they have not matured enough in their lives. They are like 3 years old immature children who do not have tolerance of stress and they do what they desire and they say what ever comes to their minds.

This was the way our illness started in our mind because the others did not care for our feelings when we were exposed to a loss of self-esteem. We were neglected or angered by the anger of our immature parents or stressed or sick parents who could not continue to love us for a little longer time so that we will completely mature in our nurturing.

Emotional illnesses are illnesses of anger reaction to our surroundings or the people who surround us in our lives. They keep producing anger in us until we ourselves mature to a complete maturity. The love we need for our own completion of maturity and resolving our emotional illness, we should do that by our compassion for immature adults around us who behave like children and keep insulting us by their immature actions.

Generally in our life two immature people have anger issues and a person who is more matured should act a little more grown up and forgive the other for their anger.

The God and spirituality can helps in our life to complete our maturity, as can do good thoughts and a good conduct in our lives.

In summery, if some one ruffles your feathers treat him or her as 3 years old who lack completion of his or her maturity and spare yourself for raising your own anger.

Whenever we anger, we should know that we need maturity our selves, unless our anger has a meaning in the lives of others.

Some times the people in our lives know many different but wrong, ways to get our attention, just like a 3 years old child. For a child we do not get so upset as we do for an adult. It is a child who transfers his or her anger by saying, "I hate you," and we just smile and do not take it seriously. We should try to understand this. You will be surprised how many words can make us angry in our lives.

Anger reaction is a reflex action, but we do have a little time to stop it by keeping all this in our mind. More we stop the anger before it explodes, better it will get in time. A time will come when a modified reaction will take place without exercising the step to analyze the anger.

Many people do not grow up in their lives and remain childlike. We should learn to treat them as children and then we will not react with anger. Please practice this.

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