Monday, October 13, 2008

My Troll Hits Riin :(

Damn it. I didn't anticipate this (though I probably should have).

I just stumbled across this comment in Riin's blog on her post about her troubles with Walgreens:
Hey Riin, you don't know me and to be honust [sic] i [sic] don't know you either. I do know that you have a stalker in the Pedaling Retard from Sydney. I can't stand this guy anymore, [sic] all he does is harass and talk about you. I know he lives in that big apt [sic] building on charlotte [sic] and im [sic] going to go down there and wait for him around the corner and see if he wants to harass me. Hes [sic] liable to get his ass handed to him. Im [sic] fucking sick of it man. Hes [sic] a sick twisted bastard that needs to be stopped. And if its a punch in the face that needs to do it, he will get it.
This is obviously my troll; she's making the exact same spelling and grammar mistakes.

I am dismayed that this troll has actually escalated to posting on Riin's blog again. I have long since decided to leave Riin alone; I haven't contacted her in any way, shape or form over a year and have no intentions of doing so. However, if this continues, I may have no choice but to bring the police into this. Unfortunately, that will force Riin into the situation as well because, right now, she's the only person who could help identify this troll.

Blogger doesn't have the ability to track IP addresses through comments (I've tried), but Typepad does. Riin uses Typepad; now that this person has commented on her blog, she now has this person's IP. So, if I do have to bring the police into this, they will eventually have to contact Riin in order to locate the perpetrator.

I do not want to have to do that. I do not want Riin dragged into this, even indirectly; she puts herself through enough without adding this to her plate. So, for the time being, I am going to give this troll one more chance to stand down. I'm hoping that the simple knowledge that Riin has the information we need to identify her will be enough to smarten her up.

However, if she continues to escalate this, I'll have no choice. By moving her crap onto Riin's blog, it is now her, not I, who is harassing her. I'm willing to deal with the troll harassing me; harassing anyone I love, on the other hand, I will not tolerate.

I must say, though, I am surprised and dismayed that Riin would even allow a comment like that to remain on her blog; the Riin I knew would never approve of threats of violence.


  1. John, while I can understand your displeasure at seeing that your blogtroll has now posted to Riin's blog -- I just gotta say, that your response to it really DOES smack of stalkerism. Look, I know what it's like to retain a nosy-in-a-curious-sort-of-way interest in the lives of former relationships. I really do. But if you're not in a relationship with her anymore (regardless of your current feelings -- they are NOT relevant here, as much as you want them to be), then it's simply NOT YOUR BUSINESS. You even pointed out your surprise that the troll's comment was permitted to remain. That is HER decision, not yours. As is calling the cops. You say if such-and-such happens "you'll have no choice" but to take further action. That's baloney. A commenter is making unpleasant comments on a blogger's blog. You are neither the blogger nor the commenter, so it's simply not your business, unless and until Riin asks for your involvement. Period. Recognizing this, painful though it might be, is a sign of behaving like an adult about the past and the ending of the relationship. Continuing to behave as if it's your job to protect her, even if that's not welcome, is a sign that you're NOT behaving like an adult. It's time for you to deal with this and move on. If you are psychologically unable to be a mere observer in this situation, then IMO you need to stop even reading her blog. Leave it alone until you can be an adult about it.

    And as I've commented to you before, I think it's really out of line for you to post text from her blog -- even just the text of someone's comment. I know, I know, it's "public" in the sense that anyone can see it, and thus not confidential in that sense. True. But that doesn't make it appropriate for you (and you, in particular, moreso than some random stranger) to repeat such information.

    IMO the only appropriate way for you to discuss Riin in public (including on your blog, which, just like hers, is visible to the general public) is to express your feelings and emotions. If you are struggling with the past, with dealing with the end of the relationship, etc, it makes complete sense for you to use your blog to express that. But what you're doing instead really, truly, does smack of stalking and of obsessiveness.

    I hope you can just learn to let it go and move on.


  2. Ron Weber7:07 PM

    he can't leave well enough alone because he's obviously a headcase. Believe me i know, I'm glad Riin has nothing to do with him, and to be honust, i couldn't care if John stopped beeathing right now.


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