Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Plot Thickens

I sincerely hope this visitor isn't who I think it is:

If it is, it means the troll has won at least one part of the battle: they've managed to drag Riin into this.

Now, I'm not certain this is Riin; it could be someone else from the University of Michigan Medical Center. The IP is only a partial match to some E-mails Riin sent to me from work I have in my archives; only the first two numbers match. However, that does imply it comes from the same server network and, if the IPs are dynamic, the last two numbers might be different every time someone logs in.

Still, I can't think of anyone else from the University of Michigan Medical Center (which I assume uses the same servers as the Taubman Medical Library) that would be visiting my blog and, if this is Riin, the only reason I can think of that she'd suddenly visit my blog out of the clear blue after almost two years is if the police had to speak to her to get the IP on the threatening comment, exactly what I was hoping to avoid; I didn't want her involved in this.

Riin, if this was you, I'm sorry you had to be dragged into this. I tried to resolve this without involving the police because I figured, if I did, they would have to talk to you in order to match the IP on that threatening comment on your blog with the IP I tracked on mine. Unfortunately, Eastlink couldn't help me without police involvement. So, if this was you, I apologize for bringing you into this, and thank you for helping me track this sicko down.

One good thing about all this. If the police did contact Riin, that means they're taking action on this, which means I'm one step closer to pressing those charges against the troll.

Either way, this will hopefully be over once and for all very soon.

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