Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Visitor from Ann Arbor

Hm... I wonder who this is...?

"Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory" in Ann Arbor huh? Well, whoever it is landed on my blog as a result of a Google search for "Riin's Rants" and ended up at my posting The Pedomorphic Pharisee.

Well, if this person was looking for info on Riin, he/she certainly got an eyeful...

Nice to know my humble little blog is managing to spread some truth about her, particularly to someone who lives in her hometown who, presumably, has the opportunity to meet her in the flesh; at least it gives this poor person a chance to polarize the hull plating before they get subjected to Riin's ruthless reviling (and her small-minded views eventually give her reason to do that to everyone she meets sooner or later).

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