Saturday, November 01, 2008

Closing On Target...

KIRK: "Then we've got 'im! Go to red alert! Prepare to fire phaser banks! Sensors, lock on! Mr. Sulu, continue closing! Mr. Spock, lock phasers into computer; computer to control attack!"
SPOCK: "Computer lock ready, Captain; all systems standing by."
SULU: "Range is 1810... 1760... range is 1700... 1640... range is 1590... 1550 and closing, sir..."

My troll paid this blog another visit Halloween night, based on this data, I'd say I have their attention:

This is the most extensive visit the troll has ever made to this blog. According to this data:
  1. 22:25:37: Troll enters the blog.
  2. 22:25:53: They look at my tracking data for my visitor from the University of Michigan Medical Center.
  3. 22:26:18: They return to the blog.
  4. 22:27:40: They look at my tracking data on them.
  5. They exit the blog manually to go to other pages, returning three times at 22:28:08, 22:30:35 and 22:53:33 respectively.
  6. 22:54:32: They exit the 22:53:33 visit through the link to Section 264.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada.
  7. 22:54:56: They exit again through a link to Riin's blog.
  8. 23:17:07: They return to this blog.
  9. 23:17:48: They exit through the link to The Cape Breton Regional Police.
  10. 23:20:08: They again return to this blog.
  11. 23:20:33: They enter the comment form for the entry "The Plot Thickens" but leave no comment.
The fact that they chickened out on leaving the comment and made such an extensive visit visiting my links to the Criminal Code of Canada, the police and my tracking data on them, I'd say I have them worried. If they're not worried, they should be. The constable I spoke to told me to call back for a follow-up today; I'm going to do just that first thing in the morning.

It is going to be so sweet to nail this idiot...

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