Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making Progress

I just got a call from the constable at The Cape Breton Regional Police who originally took my report on the troll's threat; it seems we're making progress.

She told me that she's in the process of getting the warrant now. To complete the process, she's going to need a statement from me; I have an appointment to meet with her Wednesday, November 19 at 7:30 PM. Unfortunately, as I feared, since the threat was posted to Riin's blog, not mine, she's also going to need to contact Riin to obtain the IP address on the threatening comment; she even asked me how to pronounce her name for when she calls.

Of course, that opens up a minor mystery. Obviously, she hasn't called Riin yet, so who was it at the University of Michigan Medical Center who was browsing my blog? It could be unrelated, but it's a pretty weird coincidence, particularly given that the visitor visited right around Riin's usual lunch time. If it was Riin, I have to wonder what prompted her to visit; if it wasn't, I have to wonder if it's somebody she knows and, if so, why they were visiting.

Anyway, from what I understand, once they take my statement, the application for a warrant will be brought before a judge. Once the warrant is issued, the police will contact Eastlink who will, in turn, provide information on whose account was associated with the IP address in the threat at the time of the connection.

Also, since identifying the person via IP is related to the time of the connection, the troll cannot escape. Even if he/she were to cancel their Eastlink account completely and move to a new ISP, their name and account information would still be in Eastlink's records for that IP address at that particular time. So, basically, I have them by the... well, I guess I can't identify the point of anatomy yet, not being sure of their gender at this point... :P

I am in such a good mood tonight; things are going well for once. :)

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  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Good Luck and I hope you bring some closure and find out who the clown is. Must be shaking in their boots now


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